Why Add System Inspection Cameras to the Conveyor?

A new cable and tube conveyor system will help a processing plant operate efficiently, keep food and feed ingredients safe and sanitary, and virtually eliminate waste. The custom design is able to go around those corners and fit through small holes drilled in the walls. Owners can learn more here regarding system capacities. The components that make the system ideal for all shapes and sizes of buildings also make it slightly more difficult to monitor.

Inspection Cameras

In order to protect the investment and save money on any future repairs, it is wise to add system inspection cameras as the conveyor is being installed. This optional element provides several benefits. The most obvious one is to monitor the system in areas that are not readily accessible. A system that travels through the walls, from floor to floor, and from one building to another will have a few blind spots.

Cameras are the solution for monitoring spots that are not visible to staff. The cameras can also be accessed remotely by the business owner and company repair technicians. This comes in handy when there is a malfunction in the conveyor system. Problems can be diagnosed without having to disassemble the whole system. That saves time and money on repair costs as well as by reducing downtime when repairs or updates are necessary.


A camera system can also cut down on needed repairs. Most repairs that require a technician began as minor issues. A slight adjustment to the size of the modules on a specific production run, for example, or a small bird nest at the entrance to the packaging building that is slowing down the system can easily be dealt with. Those issues can be spotted and taken care of before the system requires major repairs.

There may be ice buildup on any exposed track pieces outside. Double checking those possibilities before the shift starts will save a significant amount of time and frustration because the conveyor will not shut down once the shift begins. It makes sense to learn more here about how this cost-effective addition can protect the investment in, and prolong the life of, the conveyor system.